Get A Room!

Ciré had a very exciting December, lots of pre-christmas outings and activities that he was very excited about. However, as usual there always has to be a little bit of drama, just to keep the blood flowing.

So on December 1st Ciré was acting kind of strange, kept tightening up his upper body as if he was going to have a seizure. Since he hasn’t had a seizure in 3 and a half years I was very worried!!! So we ended up going to the emergency room where Ciré, Paul and me camped out for hours. We arrived about 10:30 am and were advised around 1:30pm (yes, 2 1/2 hours later!) that they wanted to do an EEG on Ciré just to see what was going on in his brain, needless to say the EEG was scheduled for the next day and only by accident did they inform us about 2:00 pm that we would be there for the night so that they could observe Ciré overnight. So around 4pm (yup, 2 hours later) they took us up to the room that we would be staying in for the next 24 hours!

As the day went by Ciré’s episodes eased up and he was almost back to his normal self. He observed every person that walked in, past and by our room, as if he was expecting someone special to come. The nurses came by to introduce themselves and to ask which parent would be staying with Ciré during the night, as always we informed her that we both would be staying, which I guess is not the norm and we needed special permission to do. No worries, we ignored them and started getting ourselves ready to camp out with our child for the night (United we Stand, Divided we Fall).

As night fell, the nurses brought out a bed/chair which i nicely grabbed as my bed for the night. Paul got himself ready to sleep next to Ciré on the single bed and around 10 pm it was lights out and sleep time.

As i couldn’t sleep that well during the night, about every hour I would open my eyes to see what was happening over in the single bed, well that’s when the giggles started! At 11pm Ciré had his leg over his dad like he was spooning a girl! At 12 midnight he had his face so close to his dads that they could be kissing cousins. At about 3am Ciré was laying on top of Paul and you could imagine what that looked like!!!! By 5am Ciré was back to spooning with his dad and i could only grin to myself.

As we all started to wake up in the morning i asked Paul how did he sleep, and then I busted out laughing! He couldn’t remember all of the positions him and Ciré experienced throughout the night, but he did remember quite a few and we both started to laugh until we cried.

The things we parents do for our children, and to Paul and Ciré… next time GET A ROOM!

Something Amazing!

So many amazing things have happened over the past few months, but one that really made me jump for joy was “My Big Trash Boy”. Yup you read that right! Sometimes i forget that Cire is so intelligent, I forget that he sees everything and though he doesn’t talk I have to keep in mind that he knows more than he wants us to think.

So what was amazing, well here it is.

It was a Monday morning so it was trash day. Cire was in the kitchen with me watching me do my regular routine of taking the trash out of the trashcan, tying the top of the bag and then I usually just put the bag at the kitchen door until I am ready to leave. For some reason after I tied the bag I handed it to Cire and said take this, well…… my amazement my child grabbed the bag and headed for the door. I followed him, but kept a distance so i could see what he was going to do with the bag, well to my amazement he walked out the door and headed out the yard and to the trash containers at the road side where the neighborhood drops the weekly trash. I was shocked, amazed and filled with such proudness, I know it was JUST TAKING OUT THE TRASH, but for me it was more than that! You see Cire has never taken out the trash before, he has watched me hundreds of times drag the trash to the roadside, but I didn’t think ever to ask him to do it. For me to watch him carry that bag out like he had been doing it for YEARS and then put the trash down (NOT DROP IT DOWN), but rest it down with a purpose, like this is where this goes, swelled my heart with proudness.

Cire you ROCK, and yes now you will have to take the trash out from now on, but I will not look at it as just carrying trash but opening a door to you becoming an independent man!

Next I’ll be registering you for College (IT COULD HAPPEN!). The sky’s the limit! You are so AMAZING!

Yup I Can Curse Like a Sailor!

So its been a long time since I last posted anything and with good reason, DRAMMMMMMA! Yup, a whole lot of drama that not only took over my life, but also took over my laughter. A lot has happened over the past few months, GOOD things (received a grant for $5000 to help with Cire’s TV Fees, have had lots of freelance jobs which pay the bills), BAD things (CIre got kicked out of his typical school because he has AUTISM), and the UGLY (One of the people who I love more than anything in this world hurt me down to the core of my being).

Having said all that, I have rejoiced, cried, cursed like a sailor, kicked, screamed, cut my eyes like nobodies business and at the end of it all I have come out laughing.

So let’s get back to me telling my story cause from here its all smiles!

Let Him Eat Cake!!!

There aint no Party like a Furbert Party, cause a Furbert Party Don’t STOP! Or that is what we thought until my precious thirteen year old put his hand print into the Princess cake that was designated for my queen of a niece Zazie.

Yup Ciré was hanging around the entrance of the kitchen, and while we thought he was checking for his beloved cheesballs, unbeknownst to us he was actually playing handsies (my opposite word for footsies) with his 5-year-old cousins birthday cake. Before the cake got to the house it was perfect, its pink and white icing was ready for eating and decorated with a princess crown all sparkling just waiting to be complimented by pink and white candles!

After a little “handsies” what used to be pink prettiness was now a pattern of handprints and blurred mess. I was about to jump in the car to go and get a new cake before the big Happy Birthday celebration, but mommy Stacy asked me if I was “outside of my mind” and said the cake was fine! Well not good enough, Aunt Sophia with her artsy side took all the turquoise and pink Jelly Bellys out and started making decoration magic. Lets just say through all the singing no one was the wiser, and Miss Zazie, well she got her perfect princess cake!

And as for Mr Ciré…….well after we cleaned the icing out of his ears and hair, we let him eat cake!

First Day, First Laugh

So after a weeks break of school holiday its time for my beautiful son to go back to his life of school. He jumped out of bed nice and early and blast into the bathroom, if only I wasn’t in there relaxing on the throne at the time, all would have been ok. For my son it doesn’t matter that someone else is on the throne, you better finish up quick or move over because my boy is coming through.

I could only shake my head with a grin, gotta love him, knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to show it literally!!!

He was all smiles today, woke up smiling and giggled himself through the day. To be so happy and worry free! One day I would like to live that life, but until then I will live vicariously through him, and if I get kicked out of the bathroom…so be it!

Yup, There Is a FUNNY Side of Autism!

Having a child with AUTISM can sometimes be an overwelming situation to deal with and believe me I’ve shed my fair share of tears!

But there is a another side of Autism that I cherish, it’s the funny side. My son in his 13 years of life has made me laugh so much that I have almost pee’d my pants! He stopped talking when he was around 18 months old (a symptom of his autism) but in all these years he has been the funniest child I have ever come across and that’s without speaking a single world. I say to my family all the time “If this child talked I probably would never stop laughing, he is that funny!”

I started this blog so that I could let parents know that through tears comes laughter and though sometimes we feel as if we can’t take any more disappointment or set backs our children have the ability to make us smile and sometimes fold over laughing….in other words there is a funny side of AUTISM…… And this is my story….


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